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3 May 1963
The Marton Parish Church Operatic and Dramatic Society have chosen "Patience" for their next Gilbert and Sullivan production during the week commencing November 18.
  Once again Robert Atherton will be the musical director and Audrey Ilett the producer.
  At the Society's annual meeting a cheque for 210, the proceeds of the last show, "The Gondoliers", was presented to the Chairman, the Revd J Fawcett, TD, for church funds.
  Mrs R A Birchall (hon secretary) and Mr G M Whiteside (hon treasurer) were re-elected and Miss Marian Beswick was chosen to fill a vacancy on the executive committee.
  I am told, by the way, that the society would be happy to welcome new members.


15 November 1963
The 36 players who will be taking the bows for next week's production of "Patience" by the Marton Parish Church Operatic and Dramatic Society, at Marton Parish Hall, will be the first to acknowledge the vital contribution of the behind-the-scenes members.
  The scenery, for instance, is built by Mr R. A. Birchall, whose wife is the society secretary, and painted by Mr Derek Bowker.   And, of course, a Gilbert and Sullivan opera cannot be given without an efficient stage and technical staff.
  This will be the 27th opera to be staged by the Marton company since they started in 1931.   All of them, except one, have been by Gilbert and Sullivan.   [Not quite right: it was our 28th, and we started in 1930, and all but two had been G&S.   But the Gazette wasn't to blame for the error: it was years before we ourselves discovered we had started in 1930, not 1931!]
  The musical director is Mr Robert Atherton, and once again the orchestra is largely made up from members of the Blackpool Symphony Orchestra.
  "Patience", which will be presented for six nights, is produced by Mr Jack Parkinson.
  Last year's opera, "The Gondoliers", raised nearly 220 for church funds, which proves that Gilbert and Sullivan have lost none of their appeal.


19 November 1963
Over 30 years, Marton Parish Church Operatic and Dramatic Society have built up a reputation second to none in the presentation of Gilbert and Sullivan.
  The society's production of "Patience" which opened in the church hall, Preston Old-road, last night, can do nothing but enhance that reputation.
  The story, which sets out to poke fun at intellectual frauds and "phoneys", contains more twists and turns than a corkscrew, which all adds to the fun.
  In a rustic setting, it tells the story of Patience, the milkmaid, whose love is divided between two poets, Bunthorne and Grosvenor.
  Barbara Darbyshire takes the title role and is to be congratulated for her singing of some extremely difficult solos.
  As Poet Bunthorne, John Shedwick is excellent.   Not only is his singing first rate but so is his comedy acting.
  As Poet Grosvenor, who fully believes that he is the most handsome man in the world, Ken Nicholls also makes the most of his comedy lines.
  Dorothy Brookfield, Muriel Horwill, June Bradley and Margaret Hinton blend together perfectly and their singing is assured and polished.
  Bill Darbyshire, Beresford Morris and Peter Wright are also first-rate.
  Derek Bowker takes the part of Bunthorne's solicitor.
  Particular praise must go to the male and female choruses in this production by Jack Parkinson, which is imaginitive and shows some very deft touches.

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