From the Evening Gazette 17 November 1971...

Gilbert and Sullivan's little-known opera "The Sorcerer", about love "philtres" and people falling in love with the wrong people was well presented by the Marton Parish Church Operatic and Dramatic Society in the Church Hall, Preston Old-road, last night.
This was the first full-length opera which the pair wrote, and at times it shows, because the lyrics are not as memorable as those of the later works.
But the cast do well with the opera, and manage to present a lively performance and also bring off some clever stage effects when the sorcerer invokes the spirits to create the trouble-causing love potion.
John Burn as the sorcerer, John Wellington Wells, is especially good, for he brings to the dramatic role a touch of humour in places.
Eric Gilfoy is the hero, Alexis, who is in love with Aline, Isabel Straughton, and who causes all the trouble by wanting all the village to share in the wonder of love.
The whole cast coped well with the small stage, but it was a pity that the lighting cast shadows on the backdrop, although this turned out to be rather effective in the incantation scene where the menacing shadows above the sorcerer added to the atmosphere.

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