Our friend "Musica" of the Evening Gazette & Herald supplied these two reviews in November 1938 -  the only public record we have of this, our last pre-war show...


The Marton Parish Church  Operatic Society has a long and honourable record in the presentation of Gilbert and Sullivan operas.
  This week they are producing in the Parish Hall the dainty absurdity, "Iolanthe", now 56 years old, and this opera is proving itself ever new to big audiences.
  The work was given by the Society six years ago.
  Sidney King has been producing these operas at Marton for eight years, and one agrees with his pronoucement that "Iolanthe" is proving the worth of the Society generally.   It is also proving the worth of the musical director, Mr W. Hogarth, in particular.
  The team work of the chorus has been of a very high order indeed, and the cast is one of the strongest the Society has billed.
  Albert Haworth's Lord Chancellor has improved nightly - his air of comic dignity has been well registered, and his demeanour generally well studied.
Jennifer North as Phyllis and Marjorie Evered as the Queen of the Fairies have given stirring portrayals, while William Tillotson, as Mountararat, has been an unqualified success.
  Harry Heaton, a newcomer to the Society, has had a splendid week in the role of Tolloller, singing "Blue Blood" exceedingly well.

 Ruby Hill, too, in the name part, is a decided success, and her interpretation of the final song to the Lord Chancellor is one of the highlights. 

  Strephon, in the person of Jack Spencer, goes through his work easily and naturally, and has once more gained unstinted appreciation for all-round excellence.
  Fowler Wade repeats his success as Private Willis, and his Sentry's Song is exceptionally well done.
  Gladys Metcalfe, Audrey Ambler and Eunice Whiteley have done good work as Leila, Celia and Fleta respectively.
  The scenery, by Albert Haworth, and the lighting, by P.J.Frampton, have played a big part in the success of the production, and the pianists - Mrs. R. Nelson, Mrs. K. Watts L.R.A.M. and L. Whitehead - have materially the orchestra, led by Mr. A.C.Bitelli.
  The organisation of Mr. Ernest Harwood, the hon. Secretary, has again been excellent, and he has had the backing of an enthusiastic band of officials and an enterprising committee headed by the Rev. C.W. Macready.
  The Society will give the "show" at Farnworth (Bolton) on Monday night - an annual event.

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